Today 13 June Base Metals Updates, Bullion Tips, Cotton Updates, NCDEX MCX TIps

Commodity MCX Whole market at 12:15 PM seeing in good side and all commodities of MCX market seeing at positive green side and looking with good position. All Base metals traded in positive side and both precious metals also seen in positive side. In early trade both metals are open with good incremented + points, gold opens with 28000 points and its previous closed with 27952 points and currently stands with optimistic side. Silver also opens with incremented points and its opening price is 43717 and yesterday closed with 43546 points.

Cotton from the morning looking at positive side or we can say buying side. Cotton opens with 19160 points and stay with positive points.

In NCDEX Market Barley seeing at positive side in all contracts, Castor seed again seeing at down selling side, and yesterday its movement also we can seen at down bearish side for all months contract.

Yesterday Coriander follow positive trend but today trade seeing at negative side, and traded at selling side, Chana also for all contract delivery looking at down side.

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