Monday 14-10-2013 Commodity Mcx Ncdex Market trading Tips, updates| Base metals updates, Gold silver tips and prices| Crude oil trend for today

Yesterday Mcx Commodity Market seeing in dull side, mostly commodities are traded down side and some of commodities are traded in upside. Gold and silver both commodities are closing with red shade and crude oil also closed with lower points, and has 130 points change. Gold and Silver both precious metals are closed with 492.00 and 1373 points change.

All base metals are closed with in positive zone and seeing at above side with good price. Natural gas also seeing in positive side with good price. Mentha oil also closed with low points and cotton seeing down side with low points and has 50 points change.

In Ncdex Market, commodities prices continuously fluctuate and traded up and down side with changing points. Barley, Castor seed, Chana, Chilli, Cotton seed oilcack,Jeera,Turmeric, Wheat all are looking upside with good positive price, and remaining all commodities are traded in down side with low points. Turmeric Oct delivery contract seeing with 4546 points and looking upside with 1.29 % upper side points.

Barley also looking upside with 0.43% points above side with good points, and recently for November delivery barley seeing with 1274.5 points.

Monday Commodity Market:

On Monday our prediction says market opens with red shade, but after some time ultimately commodity market seeing with positive points and traded above side with good positive points.

Commodity trading Tips and Updates………………..



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