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Gold Prices

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Brent Crude on the Top of Last 7 Years

Brent Crude oil In April month, the Brent Crude Oil price has been hiked up by 20% and it’s the biggest hike of a month in last 7 years. On Friday, Brent Crude future was almost flat and the price had stabilized around 48.14 dollar per barrel, where WTI Crude has dropped by 0.2% and went down to 45.96 dollar per barrel. In this April Season Brent Crude has received the hike of 21.5% and this is the biggest hike after may 2009. The Brent Crude has also touched the level of 48.50 dollar per barrel in 2016. Where WTI Crude has jumped up by 20% in April month. The Crude hike was supposed to be caused by drop in dollar and due to the signs of less supply of crude oil. However, there are also possibilities that Bookmakers can be responsible for the Crude Price Hike.


Ncdex Average Performance But Mcx Moving Up With High Pace

commodity-1456079958Today, Indian Stock Market ended up in positive zone with the minor hikes in Sensex and Nifty. The Commodity Market has been giving a surprising performance for the whole day mostly the Mcx. In Mcx Commodity Market, except Copper all other commodities are trading on positive sides. In Precious Metals, Gold is currently live at 29370 with the rise of 168 points, Silver Live at 40770 with the hike of 580 points. In Energy, Crude Oil is trading at 3008 with the gain of 71 (2.42%) and Natural Gas is trading at 145 with the hike of  1.80 (1.25%). The Base Metals are like- Aluminium at 109.50 hike 0.37%, Copper at 327 down 0.44%, Nickel 613 hike 0.74%, Lead 116.65 hike 0.39% and Zinc is at 125.80 with the hike of 0.04%.
The Ncdex Commodity Market have also received the positive support but not much like Mcx. The current status of Ncdex commodities are like- Charjddel at 5517 hike 1.19%, Rmseed at 4450 hike 1.48%, Sybeanidr at 4062 hike 0.07%, Cocudakl at 2277 hike 0.98%, Tmcfgrnzm at 206 loss 2.4%, Dhaniya at 7241 loss 0.88%, Sugarm at 3330 loss 0.98%, Jeeraunjha at 17370 hike 2.57% and Barleyjpr is at 1552 with the loss of 0.29%.

Mcx Ncdex Updates & Commodity Tips

Mcx Mcdex Commodity MarketIn the Morning Session, all the Precious Metals and Energy were trading in green zone, but soon Silver and Natural Gas fell down. Gold has also moved down many points, but it’s still moving with positive sign. Here are the Mcx Commodity latest updates – Gold is trading at 29087 with the hike of 66 points, Silver is trading at 39810 with the loss of 175 points, Crude oil Live at 2911 with the loss of 25 points, Natural Gas is at 140.70 loss 1.90 points, Aluminium is at 109.45 loss 0.25, Copper is at 332.15 loss 2.35, Nickel is at 606.40 hike 4.80, Lead is at 118.15 loss 1.25, Zinc is at 125.50 loss 1.50 and Mentha Oil is trading at 846.70 with the loss of 32.10 points. In Ncdex Commodity Market, most of the Agri Commodities has been down for the whole day. Except Turmeric, all other commodities are trading in negative zone. Currently, Charjddel is at 5425 loss 118, Rmseed is at 4385 loss 182, Sybeanidr is at 4059 loss 169, Cocudakl at 2250 loss 60, Tmcfgrnzm is at 8558 hike 18 points, Dhaniya is at 7300 loss 45 points, Sugarm is at 3368 loss 38, Jeeraunjha at 16920 loss 120 and Barleyjpr is trading at 1555 with the loss of 14.50 points.

Gold Flat & Silver Jumped Up by 1.22%

img11After a day off on Tuesday the Indian Commodity Market gave an average opening on Today. But, most of the commodities are trading in positive zone.  In Mcx Commodity Market, Gold Live at 29324 with the loss of 2 points, whether Silver Live at 40230 with the hike of 483 points and Crude oil Live at 2763 with the drop of 51 points. In other Base Metals, Natural Gas is at 139 up 1.39%, Aluminium is at 105.35 up 0.19%, Copper is at 324.70 down 0.28%, Nickel is at 611.30 up 0.2%, Lead at 116.75 up by 0.21%, Zinc at 126 down by 0.21% and Mentha oil is at 855 up by 0.07%.

Mcx Commodity Market Evening Updates

Mcx Commodity MarketAfter a day off, finally Indian Commodity Market opened on Friday Evening. Comparing with the Wednesday Market, it seems that the commodities are inversing their last performance today. In Mcx Market, except Gold all other commodities are trading in red zone. Currently, Gold is trading at 28902 with the hike of 142 points and became the Top Mcx Gainer today. Whether, Silver and Crude oil has received the respective loss of 0.11% and 3.55% and running at 38262 and 2690 respectively. Silver live at 38224 down by 82, Natural Gas at 128.30 down by 3.1%, Aluminium at 102.75 drop 0.77%, Copper at 315.35 drop 1.48%, Nickel at 592.20 drop 1.28%, Lead 113.85 down 0.78% and Zinc at 123.10 down by 0.36%. Talking about the Ncdex Commodity Market, because there is no sign of any trading there probably it will be off for the whole day.

Mcx Ncdex Market Updates

3Wednesday is quite an amazing day for the Ncdex Commodities. In Ncdex Commodity Market, almost all the Agri commodities are trading with positive points. After the rise of 4%, all Chana contracts has became the Top Ncdex Gainers of the day and with the loss of 0.12% Turmeric Jul became the Top Ncdex Loser today. In Mcx Commodity Market, except Gold, Silver and Crude oil all other commodities are trading in positive zone. Currently, Gold Live at 29184 with the loss of 152 points, Silver Live at 38268 with the loss of 44 points and Crude oil Live at 2763 with the loss of 19 points. After the rise of 2.81% Natural Gas became the Top Mcx Gainer today and with the loss of 1.93% Crude oil mini became the Top Mcx Loser of the day.

Mcx Ncdex Commodity Updates with Top Gainers & Losers

Agri CommoditiesOn Friday Evening Session, the commodity market seemed falling down a bit more. The Commodity Market has been moving up and down for the whole day. In Mcx Commodity Market, Gold is trading at 28931 with the loss of 129 points, Silver is trading at 36270 with the loss of 112 points and Crude oil is trading at 2583 with the hike of 105 points. All other Base Metals are trading with minor changes. In which the positive side commodities are Natural Gas at 135.70 hike 1.70, Aluminium at 100.40 hike 0.50, Copper at 307 hike 0.25 and Nickel at 567.10 hike 5.00. The Negative side commodities are Lead at 112.85 drop 1.20, Zinc at 116.60 drop 0.10 and Mentha oil at 797.50 drop 7.00.
In Ncdex Commodity Market, most of the Agri Commodities are trading in negative zone. The commodities trading in positive zone are 29 mm Cotton at 16260 hike 0.31, Coriander at 7310 hike 1.43, Kapas at 779 hike 0.65%. Turmeric at 8580 hike 2.24% and Wheat at 1580. The commodities trading in negative zone are Barley at 1499.5 loss 0.93%, Channa at 5057 loss 0.94%, Cotton Seed Oilcake at 2330 loss 0.47%, Guar Gum at 5720 down 0.35%, Guar Seed 10 MT at 3310 loss 1.28%, Jeera at 16115 loss 1.78%,  Maize Industrial at 272 loss 1.32%, MustardSeed at 4431 loss 0.89%, Ref Soya Oil at 654.3 loss 0.34%, Soyabean at 4050 loss 1.39% and Sugar M Grade is at 3473 loss 0.6%,
As per the current market status, Crude oil Apr is the Top Mcx Gainer with the hike of 4.24% and Lead Apr is the Top Mcx Loser with the loss of 1.01%. In Ncdex Commodities, Turmeric Apr is the Top Ncdex Gainer with the hike of 2.24% and Cardamom Apr is the Top Ncdex Loser with the loss of 1.79%.

Sensex Nifty Flat & Gold Silver Slipping Down But Crude Oil up by 3.91%

Stock Commodity Market, Crude oil

Stock Commodity Market, Crude oil

On the 6th day of this new trading session year the Indian Market has been flat for the whole day. In absence of any big activity, the Stock Market got closed in positive zone with very few leads. Today, BSE Sensex has gained 17.04 points and ended up at 24900.63 and NSE Nifty ended up at 7614.35 with the hike of 11.15 points.  The Commodity Market has been in active for the whole day, but in the evening the market suddenly started showing high movements. Currently, In Mcx Gold is trading at 28619 with the loss of 142 points and Silver is trading at 35869 with the loss of 213 points. Whether, Crude oil is running to be the top gainer of the day with the hike of 3.91% and after dropping by 1.46% Natural Gas is the top Mcx loser. In Ncdex Commodity Market, Turmeric Apr is the top Ncdex gainer with the hike of 2.28% and Sugar M is the top Ncdex loser with the loss of 2.33%.freeTrial-2-300x113

Rupee Gained Pace & Gold Silver Improving

gold30Monday morning gave a bit hope to Indian Currency Traders, as the Indian Rupee hiked up to the top of this year against the US Dollar. Today in Intraday Trading Session, Rupee touched the lower levels of 66.10 caused by the weakening of Dollar in Global Market. Today, both Sensex and Nifty ended up in positive zone with the respective hikes of 130.01 and 45.75 points. After a weak opening in the morning Gold has given a surprising comeback and Silver has recovered its level and jumped up from -800 to -100. Currently, Gold is trading at 28150 with the hike of 110 points, Silver is trading at 35682 with the loss of 240 points and Crude oil is trading at 2441 with the loss of 22 points.

Mcx Ncdex Tips with Wednesday Market Closing Updates

Fotolia_1799711_Subscription_LWednesday Market gave a surprising comeback after the poor performance on last 2 days. Both Sensex and Nifty ended up in positive zone. With the hike of 438.12 points Sensex closed at 25338.58 and with the hike of 138.20 points Nifty closed at 7735.20. Tata Steel, ICICI Bank and Lupin‘s stocks became the Top Gainers today with the respective hike of 6.73%, 6.31% and 5.26%.

In Mcx Commodity Market, Gold is trading at 28561 with the loss of 182 points and Silver is trading at 36511 with the loss of 49 points. Although, Crude oil is trading in positive zone with the hike of 34 points. In Base Metals, all commodities except Natural Gas is trading under red zone. In the list of Top Mcx Gainers, Crude oil Mini Apr and Crude oil Apr have secured the top 2 ranks after receiving the respective hikes of 1.64% and 1.60%.  Whether, in the list of Top Mcx Losers, Crude oil Sep and Mentha oil Mar have secured the top 2 ranks after receiving the respective loss of 3.94% and 3.89%.

Expert Advice to
Buy GoldMini Apr above 28480 Target 28600, 28760 Stoploss  28320
Buy Crudeoil Apr between 2596- 2590 Target 2621, 2646 Stoploss 2565

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