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Monday Morning Commodity Intraday Updates

Commodity Intraday Tips UpdatesAfter the Brexit Crisis hit the Indian Stock Market on Friday. the Indian Stock Market has been trying to defend itself on the first trading session of the week. Sensex and Nifty are trading with minor losses, while in Asian Market Nikkei has hiked up by 325 points. In Mcx Commodity Market,  Precious Metals like Gold is trading up at 31615 with the hike of 214 points, while Silver is trading low at 42381 with the loss of 11 points which is expecting to be recovered soon. In Energy & Base Metals, Crude Oil is at 3238 loss 28 points, Natural Gas at 183.40 loss 1.30, Aluminium at 109.40 hike 0.25, Copper at 317.15 loss 0.15, Nickel at 609.6 hike 1.30, Lead at 116 hike 0.10, Zinc 136.7 loss 0.40 and Mentha oil at 837 loss 2.5. Cotton Oct contract is the Top Mcx Gainer today, while Crude oil Oct contract is the Top Mcx Loser today. In Ncdex Commodity Market, Charjddel at 7260 hike 207, Rmseed at 4722 hike 22, Sybeanidr at 3809 hike 4, Cocudakl at 2567 hike 23, Tmcfgrnzm at 8212 hike 46, Dhaniya at 7319 hike 46, Sugarm at 3609 hike 4, Jeeraunjha at 18025 hike 385 and Barleyjpr at 1590 hike 8 points. Chana Aug contract is the Top Ncdex Gainer today, while there is not a single ncdex commodity loser today.


Brexit Causing Trouble, Asian Stock Commodity Market Under High Pressure

Stock Commodity UpdatesAlthough, Gold, Silver, Jeera and few other commodities are having positive leads, but the whole Indian Market is down with heavy losses. In Stock Market, Sensex has dropped by 956 points and currently trading at 26045.23 and Nifty has dropped by 301 points and currently trading at 7969. In Asian Market, Nikkei has dropped around 1268 points (8.47%) and other Asian Indices are also trading with big losses. In Stock Market, all the sectors are moving negatively with the no signs of any gainer today. It’s clearly visible the top reason behind this crisis. With the china’s issue, Brexit can take up the market towards recession. In Commodity Market, most of the Mcx and Ncdex commodities are  trading in negative zone, while few are rising up. Gold is currently trading at 31708 with the hike of 1794 points (6%) and Silver is trading at 42739 with the hike of 1549 points (3.76%), Crude oil is trading with the loss of 141 points (4.2%). According to experts, doing any trade in panic would not be good for the traders and we need to wait for the left out declarations.


Crude oil Paced up, Commodity Market Struggling Hard Today

Mcx Ncdex Market UpdatesLike yesterday, the Indian Commodity Market has continued to performing low, while few Mcx and Ncdex Commodities have seen moving up today. Gold has been dropped to 30231 after losing 65 points and Silver has been dropped to 41255 after losing 100 points, while Crude oil has made a nice opening and currently trading at 3406 with the gain of 53 points. In Mcx Commodity Market, most of the base metals like Aluminum, Copper, Zinc and Mentha oil are trading in loss, while Lead and Nickel have positive leads. Crude oil Sep and Crude oil Mini Dec Jul Sep contracts are the Top Mcx gainers today, while Crude Palm oil Oct, Cardamom Jul Aug and Cotton Oct contracts are the Top Mcx Losers today. Likewise Mcx, Ncdex is also facing a tough time, where most of the Agri Commodities are under the red zone. In Ncdex Commodity Market, Charjddel and Dhaniya have positive leads, while Rmseed, Sybeanidr, Cocudakl, Tmcfgrnzm, Sugarm, Jeeraunjha and Barleyjpr are trading in loss. Coriander Jul Aug, Chana Jul and Maize Kharif contracts are Top Ncdex Gainers today, while Jeera Oct Jul Aug and Wheat Sep contracts are Top Ncdex Losers today.


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Gold Silver Dropped by 1.18%, Commodity Market Under Big Pressure

Commodity Market NewsToday Indian Stock Market ended up with the minor loss of 0.2%, but the market scenario quite different for the Commodity Market. In Mcx Commodity Market, only few commodities are trading with green sign and the rests have moved down, while in Ncdex Commodity Market, Agri Commodities have average momentum. Precious metal Gold is currently trading at 30343 with the loss of 352 points and after losing 470 points Silver has slipped down to 41325. In other commodities, Crude oil is at 3349 with loss of 0.77%, Natural Gas at 185.20 with the loss of 0.32%, Copper at 310.15 with the loss of 0.8%, Nickel at 622.30 with the loss of 0.22%, Lead at 115.35 loss of 1.07% and Zinc at 134.7 with the loss of 0.99%. Few commodities which have secured positive attitude are Aluminium at 110 hike 0.09% and Menthaoil at 0.14%.  In Agri Commodities, Charjddel gained 19 points, Rmseed gained 48 points, Sybeanidr gained 4 points, Cocudakl lost 38 points, Tmcfgrnzm gained 76 points, Dhaniya gained 93 points, Sugarm lost 16 points, Jeeraunjha lost 165 points and Barleyjpr lost 12.50 points.
In Commodity Market, Cardamom Nov, Crude Palm oil Oct, Alumini Sep and Crude palm oil Sep contracts are the Top Mcx Gainers, while Cardamom Jul and Cotton Nov Jun Jul contracts are Top Mcx Losers. Similarly, Maize Rabi Sep, Coriander Sep, Turmeric Sep and Coriander Aug contracts are the Top Ncdex Gainers, while Cotton Seed Oilcake Dec July Aug & Sep contracts are Top Ncdex Losers today.  trial-button-06

Mcx Commodity on Boost, Silver Aluminium Nickel Lead up by 2%

Mcx commodity tipsToday will be a historic day in the book of Commodity Market. All Mcx Commodities are trading in positive zone and most of them are trading with big hikes. In Precious Metals, Gold is trading at 29557 with the hike of 191 points (0.65%) and Silver is trading with the hike of 730 points which is approx 1.87%. In Energy, Crude oil is trading at 3385 with the lead of 40 points (1.2%) and Natural Gas is trading at 166.40 with the lead of  1.30 points (0.79%).

Mcx Commodity Down, Crude Oil & Ncdex Still Up

commodity market

Indian Stock Market ended very well today. Sensex gained the lead of 232.22 points & Nifty gained the leads of 65.40 points. Commodity Market has been facing a tough day, with the day passing the commodities felled deeper every hour. In Mcx Commodity Market, Gold is trading at 29195 with the loss of 255 points,  Silver is trading at 38756 with the loss of 386 points and Natural Gas is trading at 162.30 with the loss of 1.40 points, while Crude oil is trading at 3352 with the hike of 47 points.

Monday Noon Commodity Market Updates with Intraday Tips

commodity_img (1)Indian Commodity Market gave a great surprising performance in the morning session, but now it seems to losing a bit pace. In Mcx Commodity Market, the top commodities like Gold is laying on the border line and Silver have received minor hike, while Crude oil have jumped up by 1.08%. Gold is currently trading at 29385 with the loss of 2 points, Silver is trading at 39149 with the hike of 70 points and Crude oil is trading at 3288 with the hike of 35 points. In the same manner,

High Pace in Mcx Ncdex Market, but Gold Crude Oil Down

Commodity Market After a strong opening in the morning session, the Indian Stock Market closed up with very minor loss On the last trading day of this week. While the Commodity Market has maintained a positive level for the whole day, except the Gold & Crude oil. In Mcx Commodity Market, Gold is currently trading at 28860 with the loss of 3 points & Crude oil is trading at 3293 with the loss of 21 points, while Silver is live at 38672 with the hike of 144 points. In Base Metals, commodities are like Natural Gas at 164.50 hike 1.60,

Mcx Ncdex Under Pressure, Big Fall in Crude Oil, Gold Silver Up


After having a weak opening in the morning session, Bullion Commodities have gained positive leads in the noon and currently trading with plus points. While even after have a strong opening the Crude Oil is now trading under high pressure. Currently, Gold is live at 28718 with the gain of 91 points and Silver is live at 38558 with the hike of 158 points,  while Crude oil is trading at 3278 with the loss of 55 points. In Mcx Commodity Market, other commodities are like Natural Gas at 155.90 hike 0.90,

Drop in Gold, Silver went down by 1%

Commodity Intraday Tips
In Wednesday Evening Session, Gold seemed falling on the second consecutive day. Gold has received the loss of 49 points and trading at 30000, while Silver has received the loss of 415 points and currently trading at 40765. On the other side, Crude Oil has been performing great for the whole week and it has already hiked up to the top of our expectation, so there is no room to go up any further.


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